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The Beatles
Has to be the most influential band in history. The band that started the British Invasion.
The first ever supergroup, featuring Jack Bruce, Eric Clapton, and Ginger Baker. Link goes to a fan site on Jack Bruce's official website.
Deep Purple
Officially the loudest rock band on the planet back in the seventies anyway.
Led Zeppelin
If not the greatest band then at least the greatest rock band of all time.
Pink Floyd
Arguably the greatest band that ever existed, certainly one of our favourites.
The Rolling Stones
Still going in the 21st century the self styled grteatest rock band in the world,released GRRR! 9th November 2012 and went on tour. One of the most influential bands of the sixties, with a staggering back catalogue.
The Yardbirds
The band that gave us Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page, is still going strong with two original founding members, Jim McCarty and Chris Dreja.

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Olli's blog
Olli writes a blog about unsigned original bands, tribute and covers bands, and the underground music scene in general.